02 October 2014

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Port Kavkaz
Port Kavkaz

Port Kavkaz

Port Kavkaz lies at the confluence of Azov and Black Sea waters on the Russian side,
on Chushka spit. Its main purpose in the USSR time was the management of the train
and car ferry via the Kerch channel.
The CIS formation resulted in Russia's loss of Kerch and Ilichevsk ports used in former
times for the export of LADA cars.  Due to unstable situation in the Ukraine and  increase
in RW transit rates in this republic OAO “AVTOVAZ” decided to built its own terminal for
the export of its passenger cars. So appeared ZAO “Lada Gelendjik Trans” being at present
the general partner of Next Logic company in the Port of Kavkaz.

The open air storage areas for simultaneous storage of more than 3000 cars, spur track
and wharf wall for loading/ unloading of RO-RO ferries were built with full support


Maximum draft:  4,5 m (possible increase up to 6 meters)
Maximum displacement: 20 000 t
Annual freight turnover: 2 000 000 t
Berth number: 10
Total berth length:  1 000 m
Car storage area: 20000 m2 (possible extension up to 50000 m2)
Customs terminal: available


- availability of special car and vehicle terminal;
- capability to operate both sea and river ships;
- good perspective of the territory expansion;
- car storage area in close vicinity of berths and
  dead-end siding;
- developed RW and automotive communication;
- relatively low workload in the port;
- year round port operation (ice-free port).


- restrictions on draft (leveled by the available
  ferry fleet).

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